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Affordable Wallpaper That Doesn't Suck

The only painful part of wallpapering a room should be the install - not the price. With the recent resurgence of wallpaper in mainstream interior design... finding good-quality affordable options can be a pain. I know, because I used to buy the cheapest stuff possible with mixed results.

Here are my go-to resources for everyday remodels and designs. Note: here's an easy-to-use calculator to figure out how much wallpaper you'll need for each space.


This line is by far my favorite. It's actually easy to install (because it's peel-and-stick) and the designs compete with any top-design line I've come across. Here's a link to my print that I'm currently using in a master bathroom remodel.


Wallpaper Warehouse has it all - high-end ($$$), mid-range, and peel-and-stick. The place to watch here is the close-outs section. In general, their "on sale" options are pretty drab, but every now and then they will have awesome options at 50% off - like this print. I'd put this into any white bathroom that needed some texture or personality.

If brand-names are important to you, this is where you'll find the best price. They'll even stock Kelly Wearstler sometimes (not right now, though). Additionally, if you've got a specific need, they've probably got that category already curated.


I know, I know... so unexciting. But the fact is that Lowe's has a surprisingly legitimate (and affordable) wallpaper collection. You're not going to find any fancy-pants Katie Kime, Perigold, or Graham&Brown options in there, but whatever. If you're looking to spend $250/roll on wallpaper, get TF off this blog and hire a designer.

The other thing I love about the Lowe's page is that they have every tutorial you could ever need... from detailed instructions and tips to a curated shopping cart of wallpapering tools. You can even quick-ship multiple samples.


Full disclosure: I have no idea who Steve is, when he started selling wallpaper, or why his site is so ugly, but I've read about his online store over and over again, and everyone comes to the same conclusion: no one has better holiday sales than this dude. Just check out his internal coupon page and the overstock section for the cheapest options right off the jump. Even without sales, his prices are more than reasonable. The other thing I love is that the site expands beyond the basics and has other stick-on-wall options, like peel-and-stick tiles, paintable wallpaper, and faux brick adhesive.

Compared to every other site, this one is a little more challenging to order from since the sale quantities differ from product to product. If you land on a wallpaper and you're unsure how much to order, just give the company a call. They've been super helpful and responsive through my babbling queries.


Let's start with what we all know and accept: Target is the man upstairs' greatest to this planet in more ways than we deserve.

Up until last year I had no idea Target even had a wallpaper section - but boy oh boy does it. Only Super Targets have good in-person design selections, but the wallpaper offering online is great. The only caveat I'll add here is that I've only bought peel-and-stick paper from Target. I'd say 9/10 to 10/10 in terms of print and quality, except the shiplap and brick options - which come across pretty cheesy in-person.

Target also offers a super easy "Wallpaper 101" guide on the main site.

my favorite prints

There ya go... the five places I buy wallpaper from for projects on a budget.

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